Here is the latest points as of July 20th.

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Here are the updated 2018 Points

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Here are the rules for the 2018 ECR Season

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Here are the final points for 2017.  Congratulations to all of the class champions!

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Rules Changes for 2018

The ECR has been asked to merge where possible the Florida TES Rules into the ECR Rules.  The TES Rules were based on the original ECR Rules but were modified to fit the Florida Tracks.   The following changes have been made to the ECR Rules in part, to accommodate the request.  The second change is a combination of ECR cleanup and the request and the first is an ECR Rule change for T&S output.


5.3 A list of qualifiers and the race results will be sent to the Administrator within seven (7) days.  Electronic transmission is preferred. Results shall include the ECR Logo and for each competitor results must include OA time, membership number and region. (1/17)

Reason:  Race results should reflect each competitors’ total time (not laps) as this determines the winners.

6.1 There shall be at least one (1) mandatory minimum five (5) minute pit stop for every two (2) hours of race duration or fraction thereof (10/12).  Additionally, any other fuel stops shall be five (5) minutes in duration.  Mandatory five (5) minute pit stops may only be initiated when the track is green.  A car must take the green on a start or restart (red flag, black all or full course yellow) and cross the start/finish line on the track before entering the pits to begin a mandatory (5) minute pit stop.  On tracks where the start/finish line precedes pit-in by less than ¼ mile (i.e. Sebring Short Course) a car must complete a full lap on the track following a start or restart before initiating a mandatory pit stop.  The mandatory 5-minute pit stop shall not commence until at least 1 lap after all cars have taken the green flag and must be completed prior to the display of the checkered flag.  (10/17)

Reason:  Clearly defines “Mandatory Pit Stop”, when and how and combines with old rule 6.5.

6.5 When a race stoppage occurs (red flag or black all) or full course yellow (7/14) and the race is restarted, all of the field will pass the green flag (start/finish line) on the track at least once before beginning any five minute pit stop. (10/11)

Reason:  Merged into new 6.1

7.1A       Alternative Pit Stop timing: Tracks with permanently installed pit road loops, time will be 5 minutes plus traverse time.  (This method cannot be used until published traverse time is re-measured for this method). If this method will be used, it must be detailed in the Supplemental Regulations for the event. (10/18)

Reason:  Some tracks have pit road loops.  In the event that a region wants to use them effectively, we want to be sure that the change is approved before the Supplemental Regulation are sent to Topeka for approval.

Changes at the Mid-year meeting:

  1. 1. The ECR fee was raised from $5.00 to $10.00
  2. 2. Due to the ECR that was scheduled for the July 2018 Double SARRC at Roebling Road being cancelled, the double points races are as follows:

4.5   Double Points races will be as follows:  Any races scheduled for three (3) or more hours and the SIC ECR Finale.  The SIC ECR Finale is the final race of the season and the next ECR season will begin immediately thereafter regardless of date. (7/17)


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